Tateka Metalli Oy

Kurikantie 12, 33960 PIRKKALA

Sheet metal production

We also make small and customized product series.

Powder coating

Clean base ensures great surface finish.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

We have realiable workers, materials, machines and contacts.

Van storage systems

Do you want a modular and reliable van storage system?

Pc and safety cabinets

Our charging cabinets are sheer comfort to use.

Workstation furniture

Workbenches, shelves, perforated panels etc.

Sheet metal work from Pirkkala, Finland

Tateka Metalli Ltd is a strong professional in the sheet metal industry, supplying sheet metal products, metal structures and assembly services to the automation, machine, furniture and construction industries.

We specialize especially in the implementation of smaller series and customized solutions. Our versatile machinery and our own paint shop enable the products to be completed quickly and with high quality from start to finish in our own premises, from raw material to material packed and delivered to the end user.

We are located near Tampere, in Pirkkala.
Contact us and tell us what kind of implementation you are looking for!

Your experienced, developing and networked partner

In need of a contract manufacturer? Tateka Metalli Ltd. is an experienced and knowledgeable partner for sheet metal manufacturing. You can get all you need from us or just a single component made. Precision made sheet metal works, durably painted products and assembly done by professionals. We do anything from welding to device testing and deliver products to agreed address in time. 

Tateka Metalli dates back to year 1945. One of Tateka's strengths is its own products manufactured with the help of its own design and production, which change flexibly to help and support the customer's customized need. From Tateka, the customer receives expertise in design and manufacture in the production of both sheet metal and tubular structures. Our own product range includes different kinds of storage- and protection cabinets, additional office supplies and transportation solutions. Our solutions are used in transport, industrial, office and school applications. Finnish made products are durable and reasonably priced.

Contact us!

We are happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right product, so do not hesitate to contact us! When you’re on the go with your own product, our knowledgeable agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.  Whether you had a ready-made plan or just an idea, it can be turned into a functional and selling product with the help of Tateka Metalli Ltd. Choose a Finnish partner, that handles the challenges in product development.

Sheet metal – powder coating – assembly – full delivery!

The most important principles of our operations

  • Satisfied customers and an understanding of their needs
  • Continuous product development and quality monitoring.

We also have good cooperation networks that enable us to handle even complex entities.

Programs we use on a daily basis

  • Design SolidWorks 2022 3D-Cad 
  • Advertising images SolidWorks Visualize 2022 
  • Production Jetcam Expert CAM 
Design and Advertising images - SolidWorks Production - Jetcam Expert CAM