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Computer protection cabinets, computer cabinets, charging cabinets

Delivered  from Pirkkala to the whole of Finland

Tietokonekaappi, Atk-kaappi, Pölytiivis

Keep your devices safe with our cabinets

By protecting your computer devices, you keep them in working order and thus avoid unpleasant interruptions. Our store furniture selection includes several size and model options for protecting the equipment. Various accessories bring their own addition to usability.

Tateka Metalli supplies CPU racks, keypads, cable trays, file racks, charging trolleys, charging cabinets, AV cabinets and data project racks. The products we manufacture are suitable for a wide range of spaces, such as offices, schools and various industrial spaces. Our solutions create a neat impression and, of course, keep the equipment in good protection, the systematic nature also creates more functionality in the space.

Charging trolleys, computer cabinets

The laptop charging trolleys manufactured by Tateka are sturdy and practical domestic products with very good accessory options and a good selection of sizes. The wagons have e.g. pull-out fair-sized shelves, high-quality and large wheels, retractable spring-loaded handles enable transport in tight spaces, such as in an elevator, and take up less storage space. An excellent choice if you want to keep your machine safe behind locks and save storage space, as well as use only one socket to charge all machines.

The cabinet can hold several laptops for charging at the same time. high-quality 100 mm lockable wheels, spring handles on the sides and Abloy locking. The automatic charging system distributes power to a quarter of the cabinet at a time, optionally for an hour / half an hour and switches to the next part by itself, the cabinet also has one 3-pin busbar for continuous current.

Tietokonekaappi, Atk-kaappi, Pölytiivis Tietokonekaappi, Atk-kaappi, Pölytiivis

AV cabinets:

Rack cabinets are a good storage and storage place for all presentation technology, servers, central units, etc. that are neatly protected and arranged, the standard 19" mounting allows all similar products to be attached to the cabinet. The racks can be equipped with a variety of accessories.

Inquiries and orders:

Tateka Metalli supplies the computer security equipment you need, computer cabinets, charging cabinets and various AV cabinets for offices, schools and industrial needs. We deliver products from Pirkkala to the whole of Finland.

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