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Powder coating

The long-line Industrial Painting Plant in Pirkkala serves

Powder coating is the most common method used for painting and varnishing metals and metal products. The advantage of the method is that it gives a very hard surface to a metal body resistant to both mechanical and chemical wear. Its advantages are especially evident when painting large series, as it is an inexpensive, fast and durable coating method. In addition, it is also ideal for multidimensional pieces where it is difficult or impossible to obtain a smooth and comprehensive paint surface with the traditional wet painting method. Tateka Metalli performs powder coating on a wide variety of equipment and products according to the customer's needs.

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When it comes to powder coating, please contact Tateka Metalli`s sales. Our powder coating plant is located in Pirkkala, near Tampere, but we deliver parts and finished products throughout Finland, also directly to your customer, the end user. We flexibly help with all kinds of metal painting work, so ask for more!