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Van storage systems from Pirkkala

Convertible vehicle storage systems suitable for a wide range of businesses

A van storage system manufactured by Tateka Metalli is a domestic and high-quality product. The flexibility of the system is top notch and thanks to the compatibility of the elements, they can be modified and added as needed. Shelves and drawer units can be added to ready-made units according to the growing need. We deliver our storage systems from Pirkkala. Tool shelves and tool boxes for vans - find us in many ways!

Available as an accessory e.g. file bench rack, ladder rack, gas bottle rack - ask for more!

Through us, you also get installation services for our products.

Huoltoautokaluste, Pirkkala Huoltoautokaluste, Pirkkala

High quality shelves for vans

From us, you get ready-made units as well as convertible ends, shelf levels and drawer units. Ask for ready-made packages to furnish your car or customize the elements according to your own idea. You can also add shelves and boxes to our ready-made package later. Ends have a 38 mm hole division, the delivery includes a set of floor and wall brackets. All furniture comes with mounting needs and proper rubber sound / non-slip mats. The drawer units are suitable for stacking on top of each other and attached to the bottom of the shelf or to the end element.

Additional information and orders:

Tateka Metalli delivers van storage systems with a short delivery time from Pirkkala. Also ask about our installation services.

When ordering service car furniture, state the make, model and year of the car.


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