Tateka Metalli Oy

Kurikantie 12, 33960 PIRKKALA

Industrial workstations from Pirkkala

Invest in functionality, sustainability and long-term performance!

Tateka Metalli manufactures various workbenches for the most diverse operating environments. Computer cabinets, tool shelves, perforated wall plates and other solutions support your operations and keep equipment, tools and products for sale in order. We have ready-made solutions in our collection, but we are happy to tailor the products to the real need. We are located in Pirkkala, near Tampere, but we deliver store furniture throughout Finland.


From Tateka Metalli, you get workstation workbenches of the right size for your needs, be it an assembly, maintenance or sales workstation. In a well-functioning workplace, everything you need is always on display. Our own powder coating shop also allows the workbench, if necessary, to match your company's color choices on a general level, but also down to the last detail.

Hole plates and tool shelves

Wall-mounted industrial screens keep the accessories in sight, but in good order. An independent, movable tool wall gives you the freedom to organize space and tools according to functions. Double-sided industrial screens are sturdy and easy to move from place to place.

Inquiries and orders

Tateka Metalli delivers the workstation and store furniture you need. We will be happy to provide more information about our products and how you would make the whole thing work. We cover the entire territory of Finland with fast deliveries.